Starfire: Level headed in the face of her enemy… and pigeons.

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Titan Redraw #18 &19

Really quick/messy redraws. It was a quick/messy day. :D

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Reblog if your icon is pure perfection.

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RTTAu: REAL Teen Titans Au 

An Au in which the Titans didn’t have a city wide budget and had to do things a little more on the street wear side, because that’s the budget of a teenager right? This Au is pretty much where they do more teen things than the original Titans just because they wouldn’t have the budget to finance the tower or anything, so they jump in to action on the spot. They hang out together more, the relationships between the Titans is more developed since they spend more time together (like Rob and Star’s relationship and BB’s flirting with Raven as Cyborg tries to warn his best buddy to back off while he still has all his limbs). They live in an apartment, able to afford an entire floor since Robin is getting an allowance from Bruce still (and the reason why he can still pay for his gadgets), and they still frequent the Pizza joint. 

Just something fun I wanted to try, it was my personal project and I had fun redesigning the outfits! 

Ugh my camera sucks I’m so sorry the colors look so much better than this they got washed out so I tried to adjust it the best I could I wish I had a scanner or something 

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The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.
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Details Revealed for Aquaman-Centric Animated Film


Details Revealed for Aquaman-Centric Animated Film


Despite the fact that Aquaman was not in the DC animated film of this year, “Justice League War” as he was in the comic book version of the story, he will be the star of the new animated movie “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” to be released early next year. TV Guide has new details on Warner Bros. and DC’s latest straight-to-home release film, which shares its name with the recently…

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Mr. Malone, this is Bird-Watcher… getting better with the Hypnos, but still no I.D. on Mister Minos or-

Grayson #1

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More Old Starfire versus nuStarfire - Redhood and The Outlaws #33

Two years after introducing Starfire, Perez and Wolfman finally gave her full backstory.  We always knew she was a slave, we always knew she rose above the adversity and embraced love and fought evil and stuff…  Now we have Lobdell’s nu52 take on Starfire, and a new look BTW in Redhood and the Outlaws #33.  And, well, as we know it’s a different take on the character.  She takes her experience as a slave and rather than embraces love she embraces ‘her own agenda’…



"The reagent in Slade’s mask didn’t trigger itself. There was a signal. Somebody triggered it… From outside the tower.”

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From Tales of the New Teen Titans #1 “Cyborg” (June 1982)

Dick is really into that hot dog.

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