I really like Raven’s winter cloak.

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Okay so, these are some old “tutorials” I did for a forum and I didn’t share them here probably because they’re in spanish. But perhaps it could help you :) this is pretty much how I draw them.

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anonymous asked: DC or Marvel

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i’m a little peckish for some action
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- Titans #35

I am growing tired of this series. It doesn’t keep my interest. So I look for pretty panels of Dick instead. There are some. For instance in this issue.

but the last 3 issues are hilarious

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Sketches to get rid of potential art block. 

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This has been sitting in my folders for some time now and thought I’d finish it before I forget what did I put in which layer. It’s an attempt to lineart including the background and boy was this a challenge.

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Princess Koriand’r

more-less realistic (?

because I really need that live action series.

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- Grayson #02

Dick with his stun-gun or whatever non-lethal gun it is. It should be a grapple gun. I hope he one day gets his grapple gun back. I need for Dick to get his grapple gun back.

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The NEW Teen Titans

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